Tattoo Appointment

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How ?

To get started, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

  • After receiving your request, you will receive an answer within 5 days for projects, and 2 days for flashes, excluding holidays. We will see together your request, a price and a date.
  • A minimum deposit of €50 (30% of the total amount for very large tattoos) will be requested to block the appointment date and for me to start working on your project or to reserve the flash. The deposit can be paid by bank transfer or in cash directly at the tattoo studio.
  • For projects : a few days before the appointment, you will receive a sketch of the project, and you can give me feedback on this project at that time.
  • For flashes: minor modifications can be made. If you want bigger changes, it becomes a project.
  • The price of your tattoo includes a touch-up session, to be done within 4 months after the date of your tattoo (excluding periods of confinement). Beyond that, it will be charged.
  • The minimum price, even if it is a line of 1 cm, is 80 euros.

Accessibility and inclusiveness:

  • All bodies are welcome (regardless of weight, skin color, appearance).
  • Queer people are welcome !
  • The tables we use in the shop support a maximum weight of 180kg, but we are currently working on solutions to accommodate people who weigh more.
  • For a tattoo over scars, please provide photos of the scars. If they are recent, it is sometimes necessary to wait to be able to tattoo them but it is never a problem.
  • In case of neuroatypia, do not hesitate to indicate what can facilitate the session such as the absence of music.

    Do you want a personal project or a flash ? (obligatory)

    First tattoo ? (obligatory)

    Black or color ? (obligatory)

    Please attach (optional) :
    - Reference photos (examples, style or elements you like), sketches if you have any, for a project.
    - A screenshot if it's for a flash.
    - A photo of the part of the body you wish to have tattooed, with if possible markings indicating the surface and the exact location. Remember to take the photo with enough distance so that the place is easily spotted in relation to the rest of your body. Do not send relevant but indecent photos without prior agreement.
    - A photo of the existing tattoo for covers or if you have tattoos nearby.
    Accepted formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, 5MB max per file.

    • In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refunded. In case of postponement of an appointment, the deposit is kept for your session if you notify me at least 48 hours in advance.